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L7D • Level Seven Digital Labs

Level Seven Digital Labs (aka “L7D“) is a technology research and development project of the nonprofit CryptoRights Foundation (CRF), the 501c3 fiscal sponsor and host of all Harmless Little Projects here. CRF has been a technology developer and supporter of human rights through its R&D since 1998.

Tax-deductible restricted donations here support L7D’s R&D work on new a technology platform (“DXP”) currently under development in the US and overseas. DXP enhances and existing Internet Domains with innovative new features while protecting everyone’s digital human rights. L7D will also operate a first-of-its-kind domain name registration service provider running DXP, while publishing the DXP platform’s source code and hardware specifications as FROST (FRee and Open Source Technology) to assure the public and regulators of its security and standards compliance. Licenses for the API will eventually be made available to commercial companies.

More Info at LevelSevenDigital.com

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