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L7D • Level Seven Digital Labs

L7D is a nonprofit Internet Service Provider based on our MIST project R&D. It serves as a host for other nonprofits/donors/users and as a philanthropic support site for the 501c3 fiscal sponsor, the CryptoRights Foundation, a developer and supporter of human rights NGOs and fieldworkers through security & privacy technology R&D since 1998.
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For a tax-deductible donation, which supports research and development into technologies that protect everyone’s digital human rights, L7D provides basic Internet services to two kinds of donors: DDOs (Donor Domain Owners, can host their domains with us and we’ll set up their online services; web, mail, etc) and; DUs (Donor-Users, can make a donation to directly receive services hosted at L7D and/or at a DDO domain, e.g. LSD.com)

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