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CIPHR” = “Cryptography & the International Protection of Human Rights”

CIPHR is a Northern California nature retreat and ThinkTank where researchers, makers and thinkers can live and work while (together or individually) researching & developing human rights enhancing technologies. All one needs to apply for residency is a suitable project (one of ours?) and healthy wetware. CIPHR uses various open cryptographic protocols and technologies and we always make the results available to the world as FROST (FRee and Open Source Technology), i.e. both hardware and (free and open source) software (aka FOSS).

The physical property in Northern California is available to visiting scholars, researchers, software and hardware developers who want to camp out, to park a house-on-wheels (for a season or longer) or even to construct a small cabin. The 11 acre site is on beautiful high mountain valley woodlands with tree groves, glades, hills/valleys, meadows, creeks, glacial granite boulders with quartz deposits, native Pomo artifacts (we leave those in place out of respect) and massive oak trees that are hundreds of years old and shelter a wide variety of wildlife, off-road vehicles, building and agricultural projects, dozens of species of birds and a few robot drones.

For more information on how to visit the ThinkTank’s (undisclosed) location, where you can relax and collaborate with other techno-nerds/cypherpunks on arcane topics involving one-way functions, secret ballot systems, war crimes evidence systems, cryptocurrencies and other related topics (including “harmless little device” hardware projects), please visit the ThinkTank’s home website at

Your tax-deductible donations help us to build a cooperative community of altruistic techno-nerd-philanthropists who love nature and enjoy communing with creatures while also examining how to improve human rights, including women’s rights, protection for children online, voting system analyses, vote counting systems, cryptographically-enhanced ballots, war crimes evidentiary chains, investigative journalism tools, whistleblower systems, etc. We encourage you to support this effort for the good of democracy and humanity.