CryptoRights is now seeking critical seed crowdfunding for the Micro Internet Services Toolbox development project. We are actively creating the framework and code for a free and open source downloadable set of Internet tools that a User at any technical level will be able to use to create her/his own Internet Service Provider at home, easily and inexpensively.

Please support this work at: HarmlessLittleProject.org/project/mist/

MIST will democratize Internet Services, enabling anyone to become their own Provider at minimal cost. MIST could also help propagate secure, onion-routed networks, support public safety communications during emergencies and facilitate small business successes by developing low-cost social media networks. Both Software and Wizards are being included for registering your own custom domain name and hosting a set of common online services there (website, email, blog, gallery, messaging, conferencing, etc).

MIST will be a downloadable image, based on the Linux operating system, that a User can install on any server (hardware or virtual). MIST will help you operate your digital assets safely on more trustworthy platforms, using inexpensive, net-connected hardware at any location you choose. It can also be installed on colocated hardware or even onto a virtual machine at a cloud-based hosting provider.

Level Seven Digital Labs (L7D)

Since 2018, the project’s nonprofit sponsor has been using the MIST components under development to operate an experimental nonprofit “ISP” for over 60 donor domains at Level Seven Digital Labs (L7D), hosted on top of a popular enterprise cloud service. Our Donor Domain Owners (DDOs) make an annual/multi-year tax-deductible donation and receive online services at minimal cost while benefitting the very research that creates the ISP. Click the L7D link above to learn more.

For an example of an L7D-hosted domain (under development), please visit LSD.com. We are implementing an SSO in 2021 to enable the DDO to offer User accounts to crowdfunders, who can then benefit from various secure online services at the domain.

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