a Harmless Little Greeting

Welcome to the Harmless Little Project (HLP)

HLP is the CryptoRights Foundation (CRF) research & development umbrella project for administration/team resources/IT/seed-funding/crowdfunding structure at the CIPHR ThinkTank. HLP volunteers administer and find funding and communities for various Human Rights Technology (HRT) efforts. This website and linked project-specific sites are being developed by CRF’s volunteers. Various R&D project listings and associated links and resources are gradually becoming available through this portal. Donation pages and social networking services for the human rights technology community are now available.

Meanwhile, please pardon the noise and dust!

The HLP website is being developed to provide with information about the different research and development projects from/through the CryptoRights Foundation, Inc (CRF), a nonprofit that develops free and open source technologies to help protect human rights, both online and off. CRF has been working both in the field (muddy boots) and in the lab (nerd net) since 1998.

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v04 — Contact a CryptoRights volunteer R&D admin with the Harmless Little Project and make a General Inquiry about a project listed on the HLP website. Thanks for Visiting!