MIST Crowdfunding Donation

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Your donation to Project MIST will provide critical seed funding for our Micro Internet Services Toolbox project. We are currently protoyping a nonprofit ISP using 100% free and open source yechnologies. Eventially MIST will be a downloadable set of Internet tools that any User at any technical level will be able to use to to create their own Internet Service Provider at home, easily and inexpensively.

MIST will democratize Internet Services, enabling anyone to become their own Provider at minimal cost, registering/hosting their own domain name with a range of common online services (website, email, blog, gallery, messaging, conferencing, etc). Based on the Linux operating system, will run on a User’s own inexpensive, net-connected hardware at their location, or it can be installed on colocated hardware or even onto a virtual machine at a cloud-based hosting provider.

MIST will make unnecessarily expensive hosting services obsolete and will greatly increase User privacy and personal information security. MIST servers will also be able to connect to each other (and the TOR network) to help protect Users’ personal data from privacy-invasive advertising and will protect Users’ emails & online search history from malicious krackers, foreign intelligence agencies and organized crime.

CRF started MIST in late 2018. Please give generously to help MIST recruit more crowdfunders and developers to make major progress. Your donations are 100% tax-deductible and you’ll be among the first people to be able to install MIST and try it out!